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   4.  Your closets are full.
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   2.  Other people should SEE what you have. 

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   1.  You can help us keep the history of mining alive. 

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Hot Topic

CSM Fraternities and Sororities.  What's your group's history? We're looking for:
     Photographs (digital or print)
     Diaries, letters
     Written histories, documents     Write Up!

You Can Help With:       Your Items          Specific Titles          Funding

Your Items -- We collect and preserve reports, maps, working papers, photos, field notebooks, correspondence, souveniers, Write Ups.

On mining & related industries: 

  • Mining history, mine sites, company operations
  • Engineering technologies, including processing, transportation, machinery
  • Mining law
  • Industry training documents, catalogs, brochures, newsletters
  • Professional accounts, careers 

On the Colorado School of Mines:

  • Student publications -- Year books, newsletters, etc.
  • Photographs
  • Memorabilia -- Brochures, buttons, awards, playbills (like that little ceramic Blaster in your closet)
  • School histories -- Buildings, departments, biographies, events
  • Alumni experiences -- Diaries, correspondence, memoirs


Specific Titles -- We want these to complete existing sets in the Archive.

Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines of the State of Colorado, 1884, 1947-49, 1960.

Annual research report on Photo- and Engineering Geology Along Interstate Highway 70, Eagle County, Colorado, Colorado School of Mines Foundation, for the Colorado Department of Highways and the U.S. Department of Commerce, 1965, Part 2.

Chemins de fer en Amerique, par E. Lavoinne et E. Pontzen, 1880-82. [We only have Volume 1 and the atlas.]

Coal [journal], 1893-94.

Colorado Mining Association Directory, 1987-93.

Colorado Mining Association Handbook, 1982.

Colorado School of Mines:

  • Benchmarks: Newsletter for CSM Faculty and Staff. Any issues past 1987?
  • CSM Brunton, 1995, 2000.
  • CSM Bulletin, 1932-35, 1941-45.
  • Mines (CSM) Directory, 1983-89, 1994-95.
  • Prospector Year Book, 1949.

Historia del Reinado del Emperador Carlos Quinto: Precidida de una Descripcion de los Progresso de la Sociedad en Europa Desde  la Ruina del Imperio Romano hasta Principios del Siglo XVI. Su autor Mr. Robertson; obra traducida del Ingles al Espanol, 1821, Volume 1.

Maclure, William. 1817. Map accompanying "Observations on the Geology of the United States of America, with Some Remarks on the Effect Produced on the Nature and Fertility of Soils..." 1st ed., printed for the author by Abraham Small.

Mines and Miners of Cornwall, Hamilton Jenkin, 1961, Volumes 7-9.

Mining Year Book, 1938, 1961-68, 1973.

Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, U.S.A., 1900 [Need the accompanying map of the district. Is there a Volume 2?]

Oil Shale: The environmental challenges II. Proceedings of an international symposium, August 10-13, 1981, Vail, Colorado, Kathy Kellogg Petersen, ed. Sponsored by the Oil Shale Task Force through the U.S. Department of Energy, Volume 1.

Organic Remains of a Former World: An Examination of the mineralized remains of the vegetables and animals of the antediluvian world, generally termed extraneous fossils, James Parkinson, 1804-11, Volume 1.

Philippine Mining Yearbook. [We have 1939-40, need other years.]

Rapports. Commission d'etudes Instituete par Liquidateur de la Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique de Panama, Volume 7.

Report of the Director of the Mint Upon the Production of the Precious Metals in the United States, 1905.

Robert D. Fisher Manual of Extinct or Obsolete Companies, 1937, Volume 5.

  • Robert D. Fisher Manual of Valuable and Worthless Securities, 1938, Volume 6.
  • Robert D. Fisher Mining Manual, 1940-41, Volumes 1-2.

System of Mineralogy, Robert Jameson, 1816, Volume 2.

Textbook on Mining Engineering, International Correspondence Schools, Scranton PA, 1900, Volumes 4, 6-7.

Traite de Mineralogy, par le Cen. Hauy; publie par le Conseil des mines, 1801, Volume 2.

Treatise on Metal Mining. Prepared for students of the International Correspondence Schools, Scranton PA, 1899, Volumes 2, 5.


Funding   Opportunities include:edgar1a_shrunk.jpg

Money accompanying your donation of items -- Provide for preservation, display and archival supplies.

Collections -- Funds to acquire books, maps and other items for the Archive.

Archive-wide projects, including:

  • Digitization
  • Services and staff
  • Preservation
  • High-density storage

Endowment for an Archivist Chair

Fund a joint Special Collections research center. Support a research center and archive that houses the Library's special collections in mining, earth resources, oil shale, wire rope engineering and the history of the School of Mines.






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