Colorado School of Mines Photographs

The CSM Photographs collections include:

Group Portraits

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CSM Photographs--People

Collection, fl. 1880s-present. 
Contents: 50 archival boxes, ~25 linear feet

This Collection consists of photos where people are typically the focus. Subjects include students, faculty, researchers, staff, alumni and visitors to the university. Most of the photos are black & white. Provenance: The Collection is a composite of many donations over time, built around a core collection of photographs from the Mines Publicity Office archives donated in the early 1990s. Contents: This is a miscellaneous collection. Many photos in this collection are unlabeled portraits.

Of Note

  • Student activities, including E-Days, Senior Day, Junior field trips
  • Athletes and sports events
  • Awards, ceremonies and dedications

Index of NamesPDF versionText only version   [Completed to Box 15, under construction]

 Box  Subjects include:


John W. Vanderwilt and Guy T. McBride (1950s-1970s).
02 Fiesta Folklorico (1960s?) featuring Carlos Montoya; football players (1930s-1940s); Coach Fritz Brennecke; Mines faculty (1890s-1970s?).
03 Regis Chauvenet and other Mines presidents; Mines faculty (1960s-1970s?).
04 Mines faculty (1970s-1980s?).
05 Mines faculty and students (1970s-1980s?).
06 Mines faculty and students (1970s-1980s?); awards ceremonies.
07 Mines faculty; Junior Geology Field Trip (1929); fraternity members (1920s); Senior Day (1916); class tug-of-war (1930s); academic departments; E-Days and athletics (1960s-1970s); Florence H. Cadwell and family (1890s-1930s).
08 Florence H. Caldwell and family (1890s-1930s); Mines faculty; athletics coaches.
09 Mines faculty; athletics coaches (1940s);  football players (1899-1907?).
10 Football players; Victor Alderson; Mines faculty.
11 Coach Fritz Brennecke (1950s-1970s?); Mines faculty; Orlo E. Childs (1960s-1970s?).

Man engraving Mines silver diplomas; Orlo E. Childs and family (1960s?); Mines faculty; Melville F. Coolbaugh (1930s-1950s?).

13 Football and other athletic events; Mines faculty; William Haldane, President (1900s-1915).
14 Mines faculty; J. Harlan Johnson, Geology & Geological Engineering Department.
15 Mines faculty.

Group Portraits -- Most of our group portraits are framed compilations of individual studio portraits.

Class of 1897
Class of 1898
Class of 1899
Class of 1900
Class of 1901
Class of 1903
Class of 1904
Class of 1905
Class of 1906
Class of 1907
Class of 1908
Class of 1909
Class of 1910
Class of 1911
Class of 1912
Class of 1913
Class of 1914
Class of 1915
Class of 1916
Class of 1917
Class of 1918
Class of 1922


CSM Photographs -- Campus: Overview

Collection, fl. 1880s-present. 
Contents: 15 archival boxes, ~7 linear feet

This Collection consists of photos where campus scenes are typically the focus. Subjects include buildings, campus views, and scenes from Golden, Colorado. Most are black & white photos and negatives, but there are a number of color slides as well. Provenance: The Collection is a composite of many donations of photographs over time, built around a core collection of photographs from the Mines Publicity Office archives donated in the early 1990s. Contents: Many of the photos are unlabeled. People in the photos (at dedication ceremonies, etc.) are not indexed.

Of Note

  • Scenes from the early State School of Mines
  • Building interiors and exteriors, including classrooms and laboratories
  • Building dedications and donation events

Index of Buildings and LocationsPDF versionText only version


 Box  Subjects include:
B_100      Alderson Hall; Berthoud Hall; residence halls; dedication of Brown Hall; construction of Green Center.
B_2100 Fraternity houses; Green Center architect's models and drawings, and donation ceremony.
B_3109 Green Center interiors and exteriors, and the Center's Geophysical Observatory.
B_3444 Green Center.
B_3584 Guggenheim Hall.
B_3710 Hill Hall, construction and interior.
B_3941 Integral Club; Arthur Lakes Library collections, interior, staff.
B_4601 Arthur Lakes Library collections; Main Building on State School campus; Meyer Hall.
B_5050 Meyer Hall; Mining Engineering Department; residence halls' construction; Ben Parker Student Center.
B_5384 Ben Parker Student Center; Prospector Village and Park; clay pits.
B_5681 Clay pits expansion and residence halls; Graduate Research Center, computing; USGS Earthquake Information Service building.
B_6500 Laboratory interiors; aerial views of campus and Golden; early campus scenes.
B_6625 Old Physics Building; Guggenheim Hall; scenes from off campus.
B_6828 Fraternity houses.
B_6971 Fraternity Row; residence halls; Steinhauer Field House; Old Chemistry Building.

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