Clark Bailey Carpenter Papers

Overview of the Collection

Carpenter, Clark Bailey, 1888-1967.
Collection, fl. 1942-1946.
1 linear foot. 

The Clark Bailey Carpenter Collection consist of more than 300 letters, mostly from former students to Professor Carpenter. Most of the letters have a typed carbon copy of Carpenter's reply attached. Carpenter joined the faculty of the Colorado School of Mines in 1920 after earning his B.S. degree from the University of Kansas and M.S. from Massechusetts Institute of Technology. He became a full professor of Metallurgical Engineering in 1936 and head of the Metallurgy Department from 1938 until his retirement as Professor Emeritus in 1953. Carpenter was active in civic affairs and remained in Golden until his death in 1967.

As a professor, Carpenter took a strong personal interest in his students, seeing them as friends and colleagues. He kept in contact with many of them after they left campus. From late 1942 until 1946, he maintained an active correspondence with former students of Mines who had entered World War II military service or worked in industries critical to the war effort. The letters in this collection document life at Mines during the war years and the return of students to campus on the G.I. Bill after the war.


The actual provenance of the Carpenter Collection is unknown. The letters were found included, probably accidentally, in a collection of papers related to former Mines President Victor Alderson.


The collection includes the following correspondents and dates:

Aitkenhead, William   1945-46
Aldrich, Fred   1945-46
American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (AIME)   1945
Aubrey, William   1945
Bagrowski, B.   1943
Breeding, W. H.   1946
Brown, Herbert F.   1945
Brown, James E.   1944
Brunger, Robert G.   1944
Buhler, Loraine   1944
Bunce, Chester   1945
Carpenter, John M.  1944-45
Cheek, Rex   1944 
Chelius, Jack   1944-45
Day, Dwayne L.   1944-45
Dennison, William K.   1945-46
Dolega, Edward   1945
Doty, T. L.   1943
Elliott, William   1942, 44-45
Featherstone, G. J.   1944
Fischer, Roland B.   1943, 45
Garrett, Robert   1945
Golden, John P.   1943
Gulbransen, Leonard A.   1944
Heppert, James   1944
Herres, Schuyler   1945-56
Hoaas, Ole   1943
Hontas, James   1944
Hurd, Henry   1944
Inouye, Henry   1944-45
Jianetti, Eugene   1945
Johnson, E. M.   1942-43
MacDonnell, L. T.   1944-45
Maloit, Alvin F.   1943-46
Maszy, Stephen   1944
McGee, Charles J.   1944-45
Miller, Bernhardt   1943
Nathanson, M. Jordan   1946
Nines, Charles   1944-46
Nollen, Jack   1945
Norman, Ed   1945
Prentiss, Louis W.   1943
Pruess, Virginia   1944
Ramer, Robert   1944-46
Ritter, Wayne   1945-46
Rohrer, Glenn   1945
Schmuck, J. E.   1946
Shelton, William   1943, 45
Specht, George   1944
Starks, Charles   1944-46
Turner, Lou   1945
Wunder, George   1944
Miscellaneous and unidentified   1943-45



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