Morse Brothers Machinery Company, Equipment Catalog Collection

Overview of the Collection

Collection fl. 1940s
~55 linear ft., 116 boxes

The Morse Brothers Collection consists of equipment catalogs and photographs from hundreds of companies that supplied mining and milling equipment to industry.

Morse Brothers Machinery Company, located in Denver, Colorado, was founded in 1898 as a supplier of scrap metal and reconditioned industrial machinery, particularly for the mining industry. Under the direction of Max Grimes, who purchased the Company in 1936, it became a worldwide supplier of new and reconditioned equipment, employing 140 people. The market for industrial machinery started to decline in the 1970s and Morse Brothers Machinery Company closed its doors in 1985.

The Equipment Catalog Collection was the Company's reference resource for reconditioned or scrap equipment. It provides valuable documentation of features and specifications for machinery that is still in use in some areas.

Of Note

  • Photographs of mining and milling equipment.
  • Catalogs include:
    • Allis-Chalmers
    • Colorado Iron Works Company
    • Denver Equipment Company
    • Hazen Research, Inc.
    • Ingersoll-Rand Company
    • Jeffrey Manufacturing Company
    • Joy Manufacturing Company
    • Mine and Smelter Supply Company
    • Sullivan Machinery Company
    • Vulcan Iron Works Company


 The Collection was donated to the Colorado School of Mines after the closure of Morse Brothers Machinery Company in 1985.



A list of the company catalogs and bulletins is available in .pdf format. The photographs are not indexed at this time.

Equipment Catalogs (Alphabetical by Company Name)

A - BPDF versionText only version C - DPDF versionText only version E - FPDF versionText only version G - H - IPDF versionText only version J - K - LPDF versionText only version M - N - OPDF versionText only version P - Q - RPDF versionText only version S - TPDF versionText only version U - VPDF versionText only version W - X - Y - ZPDF versionText only version



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