Write Up!

Do you have knowledge to share? Want to research a subject? Have a story to tell?

We want your Write Up on:

  • Mining history, mines and mining engineering
  • Colorado's energy and mineral resources
  • Your career in Earth, Energy and Environment
  • Colorado School of Mines -- This could include biographies of Mines people; history of programs, events, buildings; alumni experiences

What's a Write Up?

A Write Up describes (in 1-50 pages) a topic you research or experiences you record. You can author it by yourself or work with others; use your own memories or research the literature. Include photos, illustrations--things that support your topic.

Write Up Research StarterPDF versionText only version -- Print this form, or just use it as a guide.

Questions? Contact Lisa Dunn, 303-273-3687.



By submitting your Write Up, you give the Library permission to:

  • Reproduce and make it available to the public by any means for educational or research purposes
  • Edit it to meet Archive guidelines
  • Add your Write Up to the Mining History Archive's research files

E-mail to -- Lisa Dunn
Mail to -- Mining History Archive, Arthur Lakes Library
Colorado School of Mines
1400 Illinois St.
Golden CO 80401 USA


Alumni Experiences

Every Mines class should be represented in the Archive's collections on the history of the School. One way to do this is for alumni to tell their stories. What was it like...

Being a Mines student?

In student groups, fraternities, sororities?

At sports programs, events, E-Days?

In your major -- Field sessions, projects?

Write Up your own story, or sit down with your colleagues from Mines and collaborate on a group tale. We want to hear from you!



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