History of Colorado School of Mines

Colorado's Territorial School of Mines was established in 1874 in Golden, Colorado. This was during a time of rapid expansion of mining and smelting activity after the discovery of gold in the region in 1859. The School became a State institution when the State of Colorado was formed, and continues as a public state university.

On the School's History

Rocky Mountains to the World: A History of the Colorado School of Mines (2004). Eckley, Wilton.

The Colorado School of Mines: Its Founding and Early Years, 1874-1902 (1999). Sorgenfrei, Robert.

A World School: The Colorado School of Mines (1955). Morgan, Jesse.

Colorado School of Mines: The 100 Year Horizon (1955?). Colorado School of Mines Foundation.

A Short History of the Colorado School of Mines (1949). Hoyt, Mary E.

Colorado and its School of Mines (1929-1930). Budd, Montgomery. A series of articles appearing in Mines Magazine from April 1929 to July 1930.

History of the Colorado School of Mines: Origin and Early Years (1920). Chauvenet, Regis.

About Students & Faculty

Mines Alumni Association

Network (Alumni Registry) -- Cumulative list of all Mines graduates with degree earned, class, death if deceased, address if known, and any awards won.

Mines Magazine (1910- ) -- Includes short news items on alumni activities and the School. Selected early issues include a list of graduating students.

Colorado School of Mines Registrar's Office -- Student registration information is confidential. Contact the Registrar's Office about access.

Catalogue of the School of Mines (1874-1943) -- Lists faculty and the name and place of origin of enrolling students. People IndexPDF versionText only version to 1930.

Prospector (student yearbook) (1913-2008) -- Contains photographs and/or lists of the Classes and the faculty and staff.


Russell L. & Lyn Wood Mining History Archive

Mines Class Photographs (1897-1898, 1900-1901, 1903-1918, 1922-1927) -- Located in the Library Administrative area (Floor 3); includes photos of some Mines sports teams.

Mines Alumni Association

Western History & Genealogy Collection photographs, Denver Public Library.

Mines Publications

Colorado School of Mines Catalogue (also known as Catalog, Bulletin). Includes course and program information. Later split into Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs.

Colorado School of Mines statistics

High Grade. Poetry and prose by Mines students.

Mines: The Magazine of the Colorado School of Mines (Mines Magazine) (1910- ).

Oredigger student newspaper (1921- ).

Prospector student yearbook (1913-2008).

Further Research on Mines

Ask Us for tips on how to research your topic and access to collections at Mines.

News and events from local newspapers:

  • Golden Transcript
  • Denver Post
  • Rocky Mountain News

Scholarly and industry publications:

  • Published by Mines
    • Colorado School of Mines Quarterly. Published faculty and student research, and topics of interest to the School.
    • Student theses and dissertations -- see Library Catalog.
    • Mineral Industries Bulletin, Colorado School of Mines
    • CSM Research Institute reports
  • Search for items published externally --
    • Research databases in engineering, chemistry, geology, metallurgy, etc.
    • Engineering journals, for example Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ).

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