Mineral Exploration Design, GEGN 403

To assess ore deposits for economic potential, geology, or environmental factors  [Tips]

Look Here FIrst -- "Core" Resources

Restricted access GeoRef -- Includes government (state and federal) and professional society publications, maps.

Library Catalog -- Includes books, articles, e-books, government publications, reports, theses, mine maps.

Mineral Deposit Models. 1986. Cox, D. and Singer, D. USGS Bull. 1693.

Gratton-Sales: Ore Deposits of the United States, 1933-1967. Ridge, John D., ed. 

Economic Geology--100th Anniversary Volume: 1905-2005. 2005. Hedenquist, J.W. et al., eds. SEG.

Geology of Canadian Mineral Deposit Types. 1995. Eckstrand, O.R., et al, eds. Geol Survey of Canada.

Mineral Deposits of Canada: A Synthesis of Major Deposit Types, District Metallogeny, and Evolution of Geological Provinces and Exploration Methods. 2007. Goodfellow, W.D., ed. Geol Assoc Canada Spec Pub 5.

Need It Now?  ePublications     (Both the Library Catalog and GeoRef have e-pub links too.)

U.S. Geological Survey

Restricted access Geoscience World (GSW) -- eJournals of professional societies.


National Geologic Map Index  (or print map indexes by state)

Mineral Resources, Colorado Geological Survey. Includes "Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity."

Western Region Mineral Resources, U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Bureau of Mines Publications Index

Related Subjects


Historic Mines and Mining Companies

Mineral Economics

Metal and Mineral Commodities


  • The Mines Library has a strong collection of publications on economic geology. Search the Library Catalog.
  • Use both print and electronic sources--The older the ore deposit discovery, the more important print pubilcations become.
  • Get the most information for the least effort.
    • Use core resources first--publications from the USGS, USBM, state surveys, etc.
    • Unpublished documents, old company reports, etc. can be valuable but often take a lot of time and effort to find.
  • Use expert help -- either in person or by using experts' publications.



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