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Title Date Coverage U.S. World Commodities Notes
BP Statistical Review of World Energy Selective; 1965-present.    X Oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, electricity, renewable. Includes downloadable data or pdfs; data on supply and demand, prices, reserves, trade.

Basic Petroleum Data Book

Library has 1992-present.  X   Oil, natural gas, with selected other energy statistics. Includes selected world data, production, reserves, well data, prices, trade, consumption. Commodities Daily, rolling.    X Oil, natural gas, electricity, selected metals. Daily market prices. Commodities Daily, rolling    X Petroleum products, selected metals. Daily market prices.
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Colorado Oil and Gas Information System (COGIS) Varies.  X   Oil, natural gas. Colorado only. Includes production and operating data by site, field, operator, county.
 Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Colorado Oil and Gas Statistics 1960-1986  X   Oil, natural gas. Colorado only. Alternate titles: Colorado Oil and Gas Statistics; Oil and Gas Statistics.
Colorado Geological Survey, Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity Annual, with some historical data. Library has 1994-2003. X   Coal, hydrocarbons, gases, uranium, metals, industrial minerals, gems. Colorado only. Includes data by region and by site. Selected volumes available at CGS Mineral and Energy Resources website.
Colorado Geological Survey, Mineral & Energy Resources Varies.  X   Energy resources, metals and industrial minerals. Colorado only. Includes downloadable data, Colorado Oil and Gas Facts.
Energy Information Agency (EIA) Varies; includes current news and historical information   X Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, renewable and alternative fuels Includes data, news items, analyses and predictions; links to EIA publications.
Energy Information Agency (EIA), Annual Energy Review Annual. Website has 1994-present. Library has 1977-78, 1980-84, 1992-2003.  X   Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, and renewable (selective by date). Alternate title: Annual Report to Congress, EIA. Includes Energy Perspectives 1949-2005, History of Energy in the United States, 1935-2000. Includes selected world data, production, consumption, trade and price data.
Energy Information Agency (EIA), Monthly Energy Review Monthly. Website has selectively 1996--present. Library has 1977-2001.    X Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, and renewable (selective by date). Includes data on production, consumption, trade and prices.
Energy Information Agency (EIA), Annual Oil Market Chronology 1970-most recent.    X Oil. Chronology of events in the oil industry.
Energy Information Agency (EIA), Petroleum Navigator 1986-present, selected weekly data.    X Oil, natural gas. Includes supply information, prices and stocks by state. Basic Petroleum Statistics includes import and export, consumption and supply.
Energy Statistics Sourcebook Annual. Library has 1989, 1992, 1994, 1999.    X Oil, natural gas. Selected world data. Includes production, drilling, refining, prices, trade, consumption, and selected energy statistics including electricity, coal, nuclear.
IEA: International Energy Agency, IEA Statistics "Latest," which may be 2-3 years old.    X Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, renewable. Includes data by country, commodity; links to publications, some freely downloadable.
IEA/OECD, Annual Oil and Gas Statistics Annual. Library has 1968, 1980/81-1981/82.    X Oil, natural gas. Alternate titles: Oil Statistics; Annual Oil and Gas Statistics and Main Historical Series.
IEA/OECD, Oil Information Annual. Each volume includes tables with selective back coverage. Library has 1997-98, 2005.    X Petroleum products, including refined.  
IEA/OECD, Quarterly Oil and Gas Statistics Quarterly. Library has 1978, 1981, 1983-87.    X Oil, natural gas. Alternate title: Quarterly Oil Statistics.
IEA/OECD, Oil, Gas, Coal and Electricity Quarterly Statistics Quarterly. Website has 1999-presnt. Library has 1999-2006 and selected from 1988-98.    X Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity. Alternate titles: Quarterly Oil Statistics and Energy Balances; Oil Statistics and Energy Balances.
Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) Reports & Statistics Varies, from the 1990s-present.  X   Oil, natural gas. Includes industry statitiscs and forecasts. Some data is available for .xls download.
International Energy Statistics Sourcebook Annual. Library has 1991-92, 1999.    X Oil, natural gas. Includes data on production, drilling, refining, trade, prices, consumption.
International Nuclear Safety Center database Current as reported.    X Nuclear. Includes data on individual nuclear plants worldwide.
International Oil and Gas Development, International Oil Scouts Association Annual. Library has 1968-1995, 1997-present  X   Oil, natural gas. Merged with Oil and Gas Development of the United States and Canada briefly. Includes a small world section but focuses on U.S. data by state.
International Petroleum Encyclopedia Annual. Library has 1968-1995, 1997-present.    X Oil, natural gas. Organized by broad region/country. Includes narratives and some data on production, reserves, industry prices and trade.
Leading Indicators of the Rocky Mountain Region Oil and Gas Drilling Activity Published 1990.  X   Oil, natural gas. Rocky Mountain region only. CSM thesis T 3495.
Mineral Resources of Colorado. Vanderwilt, John W. 1947. State of Colorado Mineral Resources Board. Varies by available reports of annual production.  X   Primarily metals (gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc) with a few industrial minerals. Colorado only. By county and mining district, production in dollars and by weight for some metals.
NYMX (COMEX) New York Mercantile Exchange Short-term (often daily) data; little historical data available.    X Energy and selected metals. Market overview data, including futures and options data.
Oil and Gas Field Development in the United States, National Oil Scouts Association Annual. Library has 1931, 1933, 1935, 1937-58.  X   Oil, natural gas. Alternate titles: Oil and Gas Development; Oil and Gas Developments; Oil and Gas Field Developments in the United States and Canada.
Oil and Gas Journal Databook Annual. Library has 1986-present.    X Oil, natural gas, petroleum products. The year-end issue of Oil and Gas Journal also includes statistics of oil production by country and selectively by field.
Oil and Gas Producing Industry in Your State Annual. Library has 1985/86-1988/89, 1994/95-1998/99.  X   Oil, natural gas.  
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), Publications/Reports Varies. OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin available for ~current 5 years.    X Oil, natural gas. Selective international data. Website links include Market Indicators Snapshot. Annual Statistical Bulletin is available for 2000-present as pdf lownload and include data on production, exploration, refining, trade, consumption, exports.
Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids, and Natural Gas in the United States and Canada and United States Productive Capacity Annual. Library has 1949-79.    X Oil, natural gas. U.S. and Canada only.
Resume: A Review of Oil and Gas Activity in the United States Annual. Library has 1970-94.  X   Oil, natural gas. Alternate title: Petroleum Information's Resume.
Sources of Coal Reserve Data, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1982 bibliography of sources X   Coal ORNL report ORNL/TM-8481; partially annotated bibliography, focus on reserves; Includes a general section and sources by state.
Statistics of Oil and Gas Development and Production, AIME Annual. Library has 1945-58.  X   Oil, natural gas. Merged with Oil and Gas Development in the United States and Canada briefly.
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), Economic Indicators.Gov Current, monthly or quarterly.  X   Includes crude and refined oil, natural gas, coal, and electricity. Economic reports, such as U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services; includes commodities data.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Producer Price Index Commodity and Industry Data Annual, selectively by commodity. Some data from 1947-present.  X   Selected energy commodities data, including crude and refined oil, natural gas, coal and electricity. Reports available by both commodity and industry.
U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Energy Industries Team Varies.    X Coal, oil and gas field machinery. Foreign trade data and industry links.
U.S. Geological Survey, Energy Resources Program Varies.    X Oil, natural gas, and coal; to a lesser extent, natural gas hydrates, geothermal, oil shale and uranium.

Assessment and petroleum system data for U.S. and the world.

World Energy Council (WEC) publications, Survey of Energy Resources Varies, 2001-present.   X Oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, renewable (by category) Publications as .pdfs; includes production, reserves, usage and demand, CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage); country summaries.

World Mineral Statistics, British Geological Survey, Minerals Programme

Annual. Each volume covers 5 years of data. Library has 1970/74-1996/2000.    X Metals and minerals, including coal, hydrocarbons, uranium. By country; covers production, export, import. World Mineral Production, a data subset, is available online from the BGS at Minerals UK. Alternate title: Statistical Summary of the Minerals Industry, with data to 1913.
World Oil Library has 1947-present.    X Oil.  
WTRG Economics, Oil Price History and Analysis 1947-present.    X Oil.  



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