Journal Rankings

Journal rankings (impact factors, citation comparisons, etc.) are used to help quantify the impact of specific journals and articles on the scholarly literature.

Consumer warning:

  • Different ranking strategies are available.
  • Numerical values of rank differ with methodology, source data, filtering, etc.
  • Cross-discipline comparisons should be done with caution.
  • Formats commonly used in engineering/applied sciences (proceedings, technical reports, etc.) don't "count" in journal impact factors.

Find Journal Rankings and Impact Information

Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded) -- Citation information at the article/author level.

Other Thomson Reuters/ISI products

Journal publisher websites--Some list the rank of a specific journal.

Google Images. Use a search for "impact factor" to get tables and graphics from others' websites.

More about Journal Rankings

Impact Factor (Wikipedia)

MESUR (MEtrics from Scholarly Usage of Resources).  Assessing the impact of scholarly communication with metrics derived from usage data.

IEEE's Appropriate Use of Bibliometric Indicators for the Assessment of Journals, Research Proposals, and Individuals (adopted 2013).


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