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The Office of Research Administration (ORA), under the Vice President for Finance and Operations, provides administrative support to research faculty in proposal preparation, oversees contract and grant administration, and performs timely closeout of expired research projects. ORA's basic operations are described within the pages of this website. See the Research Flow Chart for an overview of the administrative research process, and the Proposals page for details of the proposal preparation process.

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Office of Research Administration
(303) 273-3972
130 Guggenheim Hall
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401-1887

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Ralph Brown
Director of Research Administration
(303) 273-3538

Rita Kowalski
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3972

Johanna Eagan
Assistant Director
(303) 384-2589

Eleanor Maes
Consortium & Compliance Manager
(303) 384-2185

Jean Starling
Accounting Tech
(303) 273-3122

Barbara Schneider
Grant Billing Administrator
(303) 273-3269

Michele Land
Contracts Administrator
(303) 273-3405

Dianne Detmer
Proposal Analyst
(303) 384-2569

Karen Haines
Proposal Analyst
(303) 273-3910 

Jill Bremer
Proposal Supervisor
(303) 273-3242 

Sharon Dehmlow
Proposal Analyst
(303) 273-3411

Deborah Rickaby
Post Award/Finance Manager
(303) 273-3429

Lisa Martinez-Conover
Grant Administrator
(303) 273-3912

Monica Hensen
Grant Administrator
(303) 384-2186

Christina Reveles
Grant Administrator
(303) 384-2293

Katy Ginger
Data and Research Systems Manager
(303) 273-3681

Andi Niess
Data and Website Specialist
(303) 384-2316