Interlibrary Loan Lending

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Interlibrary Loan Lending

We lend articles, books, dissertations, etc., from the Arthur Lakes Library collection to individuals and other libraries around the state, country, and world.

Payment Methods

  • Check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).
  • We do not accept wire transfers.
  • All international orders must be prepaid.


  • U.S. Postal Service (standard).
  • Federal Express (additional shipping charge).
  • Digital files on a CD/DVD mailed to you -- Contact Digital Initiatives.

Basic Fees -- Includes shipping, handling and sales tax where applicable

  • Book loans, photocopies (U.S.) -- $15.00/item
  • Book loans, photocopies (international) -- $25.00/item
  • Rush orders (24 hours) -- $10.00/request
  • Fax charges -- $1.00/page

Mines Theses & Dissertations

Find a Thesis


  • Within Colorado -- Print version via interlibrary loan.
  • Outside of Colorado -- Microfiche version via interlibrary loan.
  • Order a copy of a thesis or dissertation for a fee -- See Digital Initiatives.



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