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Tool Library

Tool-share service for Mines students and staff. [Established through a Colorado State Libraries grant.]

Check-out --

  1. Check out tools using your BlasterCard at the Library Front Desk.
  2. With staff, make sure all items are present and in working order BEFORE you check out.
  3. Bring tools back in time, clean and in good condition. Return to the Front Desk--Don't use a book drop.
  4. With staff, confirm that all items are present and in working order. Report any problems or damage.

You are responsible for overdue fines and for replacing damaged/lost items.

Do you need: 
  More power (power tools, lasers, big stuff)? Try the campus machine shops in: EPICS; Physics; CECS.
  How-to books? See the Library Catalog.
  Your own equipment? Hardware advice? See Meyer Hardware (Do It Best), downtown Golden.

Tool Bag Kit (SparkFun)


Roll-up tool bag; pocket screwdriver set; flush cutters; tweezers (straight); tweezers (curved); hobby knife; wire strippers; needle nose pliers;
solder vacuum; solder (lead free) tube; product video

Inventor's Kit v3.2 (SparkFun)

Carrying case; SparkFun RedBoard; Arduino and breadboard holder; guidebook; white solderless breadboard; SparkFun mini-screwdriver; 16x2 white on black LCD; 74HC595 shift register; 2N2222 transistors; 1N4148 diodes; DC motor with gear; small servo; SPDT 5V relay; TMP36 temp sensor; softpot; 6' SparkFun USB cable; jumber wires; photocell; tri-color LED; red, blue, yellow and green LEDs; red, blue, yellow and green tactile buttons; 10K trimpot; piezo speaker; big 12mm buttons; 330 and 10K resistors; SIK Guide; Online Experimental Guide; SIK Code Library

Arduino Circuit Board

Case; MEGA 2560 circuit board
Digital Multimeter

Multimeter (Fluke 116); Type K integrated probe; temperature probe;  specifications; Users Manual
Temperature Probe for Multimeter

Case; temperature probe (Fluke 80Bk-A)
Compact Digital Airflow/Temp Meter (Anemometer)

Case; anemometer; battery; User's Manual; data sheet

Palm-Grip Infrared Thermometer

Case; thermometer; instructions

DiSco 2 Oscilloscope and probes

Case; DiSco 2 digital scope; 2 connectors; USB cable; probe set (9 pieces); softwareUser's Manual

Pitot Tube Anemo-meter + Differential Manometer

Case; anemometer + manometer (ExTech); tube sensor; connector hoses (2); USB cable; software disc; User Manual

Sound Level Meter

Case; sound level meter (ExTech); mini screw drivers (2); cable; connectors (2)
Multi-Measure Combo

Case; multi-measure (SONIN Combo Pro); receiver; instructions
Homeowner's Tool Kit

Case; 16' tape rule; hammer; level; long-nose pliers; slip-joint pliers; standard screwdriver; Phillips screwdriver; 1/4" round-head ratchet; 8 SAE sockets; 1/4" spinner handle; 1/4" bit holder; 30 bits; 2 hex key sets (standard/metric)
Socket Set, Standard/Metric

Case; 39 sockets; 1 drive tool; 2 quick-release ratchets; 1 extension; 10 screwdriver bits; 12 nut drivers; assorted hex keys
Wrench Set, Standard/Metric

1 rack of 11 standard wrenches; 1 rack of 11 metric wrenches
Pliers Set

Case; slip-joint pliers; 7" diagonal pliers; lineman pliers; 8" long-nose pliers
ClipLight LED Work Light

Pivoting magnetic base; hook; battery operated

























































































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