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Electronic Delivery

Book Chapters and Journal Articles Scanned and Emailed

Don't have the time to go to the Library and copy the articles or book chapters you need?  We will scan print materials for you, and deliver PDFs to your email account.

All Mines faculty, students, and staff may use this service at no charge.

To have book chapters or journal articles scanned and delivered to you, after signing into the Library Catalog find the item you want scanned and select "Get It."  Click on the "Digitize It" link (not all materials have "Digitize It" links. Contact Library Staff for additional help). 

Specify on the form the book chapter or pages, or the article volume, issue, and pages you want scanned.

Scannable collections include the Library Stacks books and journals, and some special collections materials.

Some limits apply.  See below.

What we can scan

Book chapters (one chapter per day limit)

Journal articles (one article from an issue per day limit)

Tables of Contents and Indexes (can be requested alongside a chapter/article)

Sometimes we cannot fulfill a request and will have to cancel it.  Reasons for cancellation include requesting more than one article from an issue or more than one chapter from a book per day, or if your request exceeds more than 20% of a monograph.

Can't find the item you need in the catalog?  Use Interlibrary Loan Services


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