Use Computers in the Library

CCIT Lab Computers

Available to Mines students, faculty and staff with a MultiPass account.  Locations:

  • Floor 2 (main floor) -- Computer lab, with 2 scanners
  • Floors 1 & 2 (various locations) -- Single workstations
  • Library study rooms -- Single workstations

Print from CCIT lab computers:

  • OrePrint (black & white Library printer) --  8.5x11 b&w printouts (single-sided or double-sided).
    • Prints are $.06/page -- The Library sells OrePrint cards for $1 and $5 (+ tax).
  • OrePrintColor (color Library printer) -- 8.5x11 color printouts
    • Prints are $.18/page -- The Library sells OrePrint cards for $1 and $5 (+ tax).
  • Pick up all print jobs at the Library OrePrint Release Station (Floor 2).  Other CCIT lab printers.

Print from your laptop -- Print to the Library Printers from your Laptop or other device via OrePrint.

Public Computers

Available to all users. Note--MS Office apps (except for Outlook) are available. You may also use cloud-based services like Google Docs.  Locations:

  • Floor 2 (main floor) -- Research/Study Room
  • Floor 1 -- Room 119, Map Room
  • Floors 1M, 2M, 3 -- Stacks (interior)

Library's Policy on Acceptable Use of Public Computers.  Educational and research uses have priority over recreational use.

Save or print content:

  • Save to a compatible flash drive (USB drive).
    • Flash drive software cannot be loaded on public computers.
    • Documents can only be opened or saved in PDF format. 
  • Print (Mines users) -- Use OrePrint or OrePrintColor (Library printers via OrePrint Release Station).
  • Print (Public users) --
    1. Save your document (.pdf format ONLY) to a formatted flash drive (USB drive).
    2. Print from your drive using a library photocopier (Floor 2). Prints are $.15/page (cash).


Free, public, state-of-the-art walk-up scanner is available near the OrePrint printers in the computer lab on the main floor.


WiFi (WIreless Network) & Devices

Available to all users, in the Library building and outdoors on the patio.

  • Mines users -- Full access via your registered devices.
    • Why register your device?  The Mines user network is faster (than CSMGuest) and provides full access to all campus services.
  • Public users -- CSMGuest provides basic (http protocol) web-browsing.
    • Note: CSMGuest does not provide printing or access to the Library's e-journals, e-books, etc.
  • New!  Eduroam WiFi network

The Library is "BYOD friendly" -- Bring your own tablet, smartphone, laptop.

  • Laptop lockers (Floor 2) -- Recharge your device securely. [Don't leave valuables unattended.]
  • Electrical outlets (walls and floors). Do NOT unplug an existing power connection. Extension cords can be checked out at the Front Desk.
  • Hardwired network connections are unavailable for your personal device. Do not unplug an existing network connection.

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