Internet Use Policy

Access to Internet Sites

Artur Lakes Library offers access to the Internet as an integral part of its other information resources. In keeping with the principles of free inquiry and intellectual freedom that are part of the university environment, the library provides unfiltered Internet access and does not limit patron access to information on the Internet based solely on content.

The library selects and subscribes to some sites that fall under our collection development policy. However, other sites are accessible by the direct action of patrons and are not part of our collections since we neither select nor recommend them.

Terms of Use:

  • Scholarly work. As a university department, the library’s primary responsibility is to those using the Internet for scholarly purposes. Those using the Internet for casual or entertainment purposes may be asked to yield to those using the Internet for scholarly purposes. The librarians determine “scholarly purpose.”
  • It is the responsibility of the patron, or a minor’s legal guardian, to determine the suitability of information on the Internet for personal viewing, and to direct their own viewing as appropriate.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements. The patron assumes responsibility for payment of fees for any fee-based service not subscribed to by the library.
  • Use of computers for illegal purposes will not be tolerated.
  • The abuse of computer hardware, software, cables, or wiring will not be tolerated.
  • Librarians retain the right to set priorities for computer workstation use and to help maintain a safe work and study environment for patrons and library staff.

Objections to these terms of use are referred to the Library Director, 303-273-3690.

Patrons with questions or concerns about the Internet Access Policy should contact the Head of Reference at 303-273-3687.

Updated 8/2011