Personal Conduct

Arthur Lakes Library maintains an environment appropriate for study, reading, instruction and research. All library users must refrain from exceeding acceptable noise levels, using tobacco or alcohol products, or from any other disruptive behavior that negatively affects the rights and needs of others in the library environment. The Library’s Policy on Personal Conduct upholds the Mines Student Code of Conduct.

If you have a complaint about another’s behavior, contact the Circulation Desk or a library staff person.


  • All library users are required to present an ID if requested by staff. If necessary, campus security may be called to support the library staff. Any person exhibiting unacceptable behavior will be asked to stop that behavior or leave the library.
  • Use alcohol or tobacco is not allowed. Eating is allowed in designated areas only. Library staff reserve the right to confiscate food, candy, alcohol or tobacco products. Library users can leave items at the Circulation Desk for pick-up on departure.
  • Children are welcome in the library but it is the responsibility of their parent or guardian to see that they behave appropriately in this adult setting.
  • A record of user violations is maintained by Circulation. These records may be used in decisions to restrict individuals’ use of the library.
  • A persistent or serious record of violations
    • By a Mines-affiliated person will result in notification of Student Affairs, the person’s campus department or supervisor as appropriate.
    • By any person may result in suspension of library privileges or denial of access to the library building for time periods ranging from the balance of the day to a permanent ban.

Discussion and Appeal: Library users with concerns about this Policy on Personal Conduct as it relates to their behavior should contact the Head of Circulation.

Persons who have had their library privileges suspended or who have been denied access to the library building may contact the Library Director about restoring privileges. The Library Director, in consultation with the Head of Circulation and other campus authorities as appropriate, will make a final determination.

Unacceptable behavior includes:

  • Excessive noise. For example, loud talking, singing, use of electronics with audio.
  • Using alcohol or tobacco products; eating food or candy outside designated areas.
  • Vandalism, damage, or theft of library materials or property; unauthorized, illegal or damaging use of computer hardware and software. Theft includes removing materials from the library without check-out.
  • Disorderly, disruptive, or threatening behavior. For example,
    • Using rollerblades or skateboards in the building
    • Engaging patrons or staff in unwanted or inappropriate interaction
    • Failure to follow the directions of library staff on policy or resource management issues
    • Violent or offensive behavior (use of obscenities, inappropriate sexual behavior, etc.)
    • Filming or recording library users or facilities without permission of the library.

Updated 2009