Welcome from the University Librarian

On behalf of the entire library faculty and staff, I welcome you to the Arthur Lakes Library. Our dedicated mission is to “foster a rich and responsive information environment that empowers learning, discovery, critical thinking, and knowledge creation for Mines and a sustainable global society”, and we strive to be “the collaborative partner and intellectual nexus that bridges disciplines and communities across the Mines campus”.

Our mission and vision are collaboratively realized on a daily basis by community members (that’s you!), and facilitated by our talented library team:


Arthur Lakes Library Faculty

Whether visiting in person or conducting research digitally, please let me know how we can more fully achieve our vision and further enrich your library experience. It’s your library!


Carol E. Smith
University Librarian

University Librarian Statement on Diversity Inclusion & Access

Libraries, as community platforms, are essential centers for advancing diversity, inclusion, and access (DI&A) in our society. Libraries provide a safe — yet not neutral — space for intellectual growth, and they are an ideal forum for individuals and groups to challenge themselves to forge more inclusive personal and collective constructs.

For many librarians, this is not merely an attractive aspect of the profession; it is also a primary driver that led us to our careers. We are motivated by the words of David Lankes: “To be a librarian is not to be neutral, or passive, or waiting for a question. It is to be a radical positive change agent within your community.” We take these words to heart; we bring this spirit to our work every day.

The Arthur Lakes Library faculty and staff is committed to cultivating an inclusive campus culture that proactively welcomes, respects, and supports all community members, provides equitable access, and promotes an open exchange of ideas. We invite you to explore our ongoing efforts to remove structural barriers to equity and foster a greater diversity of perspectives and experiences:

If you have ideas on how the library can further advance DI&A efforts at Mines, I welcome your input.