Lisa G. Dunn

Head of Research
Head of Special Collections
Sumit AgarwalMy focus is on how people discover, access and use information, with an emphasis on earth sciences and other STEM disciplines. My research interests include: discoverability of content; how people evaluate information sources; and integrating archival materials into inquiry and instruction. My Master’s degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences, fieldwork on sedimentary rocks in the Sinai Peninsula, and an MLS emphasizing STEM information management set the stage for my current activities. I’ve worked with students, faculty and the public at STEM-focused institutions to connect them with information for much of my career. The challenges of managing archive materials in STEM fields and supporting use of archival content for research are a more recent interest. Continuing education and practical experience in archives management has expanded both my knowledge and the scope of the Library’s Special Collections. In addition to librarianship, I’m a long-time science fiction devotee and experimental xeriscape gardener.


Library Room #227A
(303) 273-3687
OCRID id: 0000-0001-7601-0123
Contact for: Information research; geosciences and STEM; special collections
Department Contact for: Colorado Geological Survey; Geology and Geological Engineering; Mining Engineering


  • M.L.S., Library & Information Science, Indiana University
  • M.A., Earth & Planetary Sciences, Washington University
  • B.S., Geology, University of Wisconsin-Superior

Selected Publications

  • Dunn, Lisa G.; Baker, Christine. Archival papers of field geologists: Challenges of discovery and access to the breadth of geologic data from unpublished field research. Proceedings of the 47th Meeting of the Geoscience Information Society, Oct 22-25 2017, Seattle WA (in press). 
  • Dunn, Lisa G. “Clear Creek County’s Mining Districts: Discovering Missing History from Primary Source Materials.” Gold and Silver Deposits of Colorado Symposium, Proceedings, July 20-24 2017, Golden CO, Friends of the CSM Geology Museum5 p.2018. 
  • Dunn, Lisa G. “The Geoscience Thesis and Incorporation of the Author’s Prior Publications: Impacts on Users and Challenges for Librarians.” Proceedings of the 46th Meeting of the Geoscience Information Society, Oct. 19-22 2014, Vancouver BC, Geoscience Information Society, (in press), 11 p. (Abstract in GSA Abstracts with Program 2014). 
  • Dunn, Lisa G. Colorado Mining Districts: A Reference. Golden CO: Colorado School of Mines Library, 2015 (rev.), 367 p. 
  • Whitehead, Heather L., and Lisa G. Dunn. “Enriching GoldRush with Core Subject Open Access Journals: Motives and Methods.” Charleston Conference Proceedings 2007, edited by Strauch, K. et al, Nov 8-10 2007, Charleston NC, Libraries Unlimited, 2008. 
  • Dunn, Lisa G. “Changes in Geoscience Information Provision and the Role of the Academic Library Over a Decade: Denver, Colorado 1990-2000.” Proceedings of the 36th Meeting of the Geoscience Information Society, Nov 5-8 2001, Boston MA, Geoscience Information Society, 2002, p. 5-15. 
  • Lerud, Joanne V., and Lisa G. Dunn. “Opportunities for Creativity: Fundraising for Engineering and Science Libraries.” Science and Technology Libraries, vol. 19, no. 3/4, 2001, p. 221-235. 

Professional Activities

  • USGS Library External Advisory Panel
  • Geological Society of America Publications Committee
  • Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists
  • American Society of Engineering Education, Engineering Libraries Division
  • Mines Institutional Repository Steering Committee
  • Geoscience Information Society