Lab Computers

These labs and workstations, maintained by CCIT, are available to Mines students, faculty and staff with a MultiPass account.


  • Floor 2 (main floor): Computer lab, with 2 scanners
  • Floors 1 & 2 (various locations): Single workstations
  • Library study rooms: Single workstations

Printing from lab computers:

  • OrePrint (black & white Library printer) —  8.5×11 b&w printouts (single-sided or double-sided).
    • Prints are $.06/page — The Library sells OrePrint cards for $1 and $5 (+ tax).
  • OrePrintColor (color Library printer) — 8.5×11 color printouts
    • Prints are $.18/page. The Library sells OrePrint cards for $1 and $5 (+ tax).
  • Pick up all print jobs at the Library OrePrint Release Station (Floor 2).  Other CCIT lab printers.

Print from your laptop: Print to the Library Printers from your laptop or other devices via OrePrint.

Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Academic use is the primary purpose of the library’s public computers.  Academic use (education and research) includes accessing library catalogs, databases, electronic journals and books, and informational websites. Library staff will enforce appropriate use of our computing resources as necessary.

The abuse of computer hardware, software, cables or wiring will not be tolerated.

A full list of library policies can be found at

Public Computers

Available to all users. Note: MS Office apps (except for Outlook) are available. You may also use cloud-based services like Google Docs.


  • Floor 2 (main floor) — Research/Study Room
  • Floor 1 — Room 119, Map Room
  • Floors 1M, 2M, 3 — Stacks (interior)

Save or print content:

  • Save to a compatible flash drive (USB drive).
    • Flash drive software cannot be loaded on public computers.
    • Documents can only be opened or saved in PDF format. 
  • Print (Mines users) — Use OrePrint or OrePrintColor (Library printers via OrePrint Release Station).
  • Print (Public users) —
    1. Save your document (.pdf format ONLY) to a formatted flash drive (USB drive).
    2. Print from your drive using a library photocopier (Floor 2). Prints are $.15/page (cash).


Free, public, state-of-the-art walk-up scanner is available near the OrePrint printers in the computer lab on the main floor.

WiFi (Wireless Network) and Devices

Available to all users, in the Library building and outdoors on the patio.

  • Mines users — Full access via your registered devices.
    • Why register your device?  The Mines user network is faster (than CSMGuest) and provides full access to all campus services.
  • Public users — CSMGuest provides basic (http protocol) web-browsing.
    • Note: CSMGuest does not provide printing or access to the Library’s e-journals, e-books, etc.
  • New!  Eduroam WiFi network

The Library is “BYOD friendly” — Bring your own tablet, smartphone, laptop.

  • Laptop lockers (Floor 2) — Recharge your device securely. [Don’t leave valuables unattended.]
  • Electrical outlets (walls and floors). Do NOT unplug an existing power connection. Extension cords can be checked out at the Front Desk.
  • Hardwired network connections are unavailable for your personal device. Do not unplug an existing network connection.