Give to the Library

The Arthur Lakes Library is the academic community’s intellectual and scholarly commons. It is the place where students, faculty, staff, alums, and the citizenry of Colorado pursue knowledge, whether virtually or in person. It is arguably true that there is no other place within a university where the donor’s dollar adds so much value to the pursuit of knowledge.

In order to maintain our position as a leading academic library, we invite you to partner with us to explore new opportunities to improve our resources and add value to our services.  Your gift will help us fulfill our mission of facilitating student success, faculty scholarship, and patron research by providing access to information and knowledge, and in doing so, strengthen the quality of the University.

For more information on ways to give to how to direct your gift to a specific area please contact us.

University Librarian, Carol Smith   303-273 3690

Library Material Donations

The Library welcomes gifts of books, maps and other materials that extend and complement existing collections. Indeed, the Library relies heavily upon donors to help sustain its growth, many of the Library’s most valuable resources and special collections originated in this way.